About CTUA

The Cellular Telephone User's Alliance (CTUA) is a cellular telephone user's cooperative using the organization's collective buying power to negotiate the lowest possible cellular service rates for our members.  CTUA was founded by a group of business owners and consumers to create a forum with a large negotiating voice in obtaining outstanding mobile phone rates while maintaining excellent service.

While mobile telephone companies are constantly devising plans to retain current customers by increasing costs to switch carriers and by increasing contract length, our mission is to benefit the consumer by using the negotiating power of a large group.

It currently costs hundreds of dollars for a cellular telephone company to obtain a new customer, through their advertising, marketing and selling efforts.  CTUA will negotiate with all major cellular providers representing the collective interests of our members.  As a result, each company will want to have you and your fellow members as new customers and will be willing to provide a lower rate because CTUA brought them a large group of customers at virtually no cost.

CTUA wants to be your advocate!  Much like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) works to benefit senior citizens and the American Automobile Associate (AAA) watches out for the rights of the motoring public, CTUA will meld your voice with millions of other cellular telephone users.  To add your name to CTUA's membership roster at absolutely no cost and no obligation, please click here. Your contact information will be kept confidential and not be distributed to any third parties.

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