CTUA Membership Benefits

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Effective November 24th, 2003, mobile and land-line phone customers are now able to take their numbers with them when they switch carriers.  This federally mandated number portability rule allows customers to transfer their 10-digit phone number when they change wireless carriers.

CTUA is a user advocacy group whose mission is to utilize the enormous power of a large consumer group to negotiate wireless telephone rates for the group at rates far lower than those available to individual users.

By adding your name to the CTUA membership roster, you are under absolutely no obligation in any way.  You are simply authorizing CTUA to include your demographics as part of this consumer buying group.

At the time a CTUA negotiated rate for your area and preferences is announced, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the rate and service as you choose.  You'll have absolutely no financial obligation until and unless you opt to be included in the CTUA group negotiated rate.

In addition, CTUA will represent the collective interests of its members in issues before the FCC, the Congress, and other federal agencies.

CTUA membership is absolutely free without
any obligation to purchase anything ever...

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